Mr Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker

By Robert Parsons May 20, 2021
Looks / Appearance 4.0 / 5.0
Functionality 4.0 / 5.0
Ease of use 4.5 / 5.0


  • – Great, low price
  • – 12 cup brew
  • – Grab a cup auto pause


  • – Not many features

We have yet another exciting coffee machine to share with you. If you haven’t been convinced with our other Mr Coffee reviews, this was a very different route and just might be the answer you are looking for!

Mr Coffee had a smart start in Cleveland, Ohio in the late ’70s, but has since expanded into a highly successful company that has been supported by many celebrities over the years. Their original goal was automatic coffee drips, but they specialize in many types of coffee pots. 

Now that you are familiar with the company, let’s talk about the Mr Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker and why it just might be the perfect fit for your coffee needs.

Who is the Mr Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker for?

This model of Mr Coffee is for those that are not looking for all the bells and whistles but rather a high-quality, simple coffee maker that they can depend on. If a more expensive, feature-packed coffee maker is not worth your time or money, the Mr Coffee 12 Cup is a low-priced option with a great reputation.

This is also a great option for someone looking for a gift for a parent or grandparent that is a reliable coffee drinker, but not a reliable learner with each new gadget that comes on the market. 


  • – Material: Plastic
  • – Color: Black/Chrome
  • – Capacity: 12 Cups
  • – Item Weight: 3.6 Pounds
  • ‏‏‎ ‎

What Makes This Mr Coffee Maker Special?

Here are the full highlights of what we enjoy about the Mr Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker:

  1. On/Off Light: Keeping things simple and going back to the basics, an on/off switch keeps it clear when your coffee machine is on and ready for business. 
  2. Dual Water Windows: The dual water windows allow full visibility of your water and coffee brewing keeping your cup of joe top notch.
  3. Lift and Clean Filter Basket: This easy-to-use filter basket keeps the cleaning process easy and mess-free with each switch. No more coffee ground all over the coffee machine or kitchen counter. 
  4. Grab a Cup Setting: This handy feature will automatically stop the brewing process if someone grabs the pot mid-brew to pour themselves a cup, keeping your kitchen mess-free and stress-free from the impatient family member or coworker that refuses to wait their turn. 

These highlights are just a few of the reasons so many are buying this coffee maker!

Why Should I Buy This Mr Coffee Maker? 

Mr Coffee is a reliable brand, and in the world of old-fashioned coffee makers, that is not always easy to find. There are plenty of other coffee makers that get the job done, but Mr Coffee 12 Cup gets the job done with tasty coffee and is steady in that for years after purchasing. 

The low price of this coffee maker is also a big sell for those that are not wowed by new features and loyal to the Mr Coffee brand but not the Mr Coffee price of their high priced models.

Our Verdict

The Mr Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker is a great high-end simple coffee maker for a great price. If you are not a fan of technology or get easily confused using them, the Mr Coffee 12 cup keeps it simple and easy while still bringing the top-of-the-line coffee flavor that makes Mr Coffee the popular brand it is. Now snatch yours up and get to brewing!



  • – Great, low price
  • – 12 cup brew
  • – Grab a cup auto pause


  • – Not many features