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Whether you’re setting out to produce an amazing mug-full of french pressed coffee or an intense shot of freshly brewed espresso, having the right equipment and practicing correct brewing techniques is essential.

At Lefrenchpress.com, we aim to provide our readers with detailed reviews that cover the best coffee making devices and practices to ensure delicious outcomes and consistent success. A few topics that we cover include: 

  • - Coffee appliances
  • - Brewing methods
  • - Accessories
  • - And more!

When it comes to this versatile drink, especially when first learning about it, it can be easy to get overwhelmed thinking about all these different aspects. Upon looking at the many options and types available, shoppers might begin with the intent to find a good brewing machine and end up with far more questions than they began with. Consequently, they’ll become turned off from the coffee-making world altogether. 

Our goal is to offer information reviews that make learning about coffee equipment, brewing styles, and best practices simple as well as fun. After all, a cup of joe isn’t intended to stress you out and neither should buying brewing machines or learning a new technique.