How to Descale a Coffee Maker - Everything You Should Know

When was the last time you descaled your coffee machine? If it has been a while or you’ve never descaled your brewing device, it’s a good thing you’ve landed on this page.

How to Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker

If you think it’s impossible to make a quality cup of java with no coffee maker, think again! Whether you haven’t gotten around to purchasing a brewing appliance or your current one suddenly decided not to turn on, there are ways to make your morning cup of greatness possible.

Is Coffee Acidic?

Coffee falls from a 4.7 to a 5 on the pH scale. Much closer to the water than battery acid. Coffee actually has the same pH levels as carrots. Hopefully, this eases your mind to the thought of acidic drinks and food.

What is a Cortado?

The term “cortado” comes from the word “cortar.” In Spanish, this is the verb for “to cut.” It was given this name because the milk cuts through the espresso. This, in turn, tones down the acidity of the espresso while retaining the delicious flavor.

What is a Bone Dry Cappuccino?

If one of your friends asked you to make a “bone dry cappuccino,” would you even know where to start? If you’re unaware of this term, don’t worry. Our team is all too familiar with the humble cappuccino and has tried our hand at this newer beverage.

Should I Put Salt in Coffee?

So where did this idea even start? Alton Brown, an author and cook is credited for this. He started preaching this to his following, swearing that it was an easy fix for not so great coffee.

How to Drink Black Coffee and Enjoy It Too!

Let’s start with the WHY. Taking your coffee black is healthier than drinking it with cream or sugar. This may not come as a surprise, but the benefits go beyond the zero calories or carbs.

Degassing Coffee: Is Fresh Best?

When beans are roasted, gas forms inside. This is mostly carbon dioxide, with a few other types of gas sprinkled in. While this process is inevitable, the amount of time after degassing highly impacts the flavor of your coffee.

Why Doesn’t Coffee Wake Me Up?

When coffee fails to give you that boost of energy you need, you are left feeling confused and disappointed.

5 Cold Brew Coffee Benefits That You Should Consider

Cold-brew is a totally different process than other coffee brewing methods. The process is much longer than most and requires hours of steeping.