Capresso Coffee Team Pro Plus

By Robert Parsons August 25, 2021
Looks / Appearance 4.0 / 5.0
Functionality 4.5 / 5.0
Ease of use 4.5 / 5.0


  • – Programable
  • – Built in Burr Grinder
  • – Automatic Cleaning


  • – More expensive than standard drip coffee machines

For those that love classic coffee pots, there is no better option than a Capresso coffee maker. More specifically, the Capresso Coffee Team Pro Plus. This machine is the tip-top of drip coffee makers. 

Capresso, run by the company JURA, started their company out of Switzerland, but now markets to over 50 countries. With the US being one of their top buyer’s, it is safe to say that whether you have realized it or not, someone in your corner either has a Capresso or is aiming to get one. 

Today, we are talking about one of the most sought after options. The Capresso Coffee Team Pro Glass has loads of features that pull coffee lovers. We have highlights as well as some more background on this product all here in our review. 

Who is the Capresso Coffee TEAM PRO Plus for?

It’s pretty obvious to say that the Capresso Coffee Team Pro Plus is made for those who love drip coffee. So much so that they are willing to take their machine up a notch and splurge on all the bells and whistles that a drip coffee machine can have. This machine is great for a gift for grandparents as it is user friendly and creates that classic coffee that our older family members are loyal to. Perhaps you are an old soul as well as want to splurge for yourself! 


  • – Heating Element: 1000 Watts
  • – Bean Hopper Capacity: 7 oz. 
  • – Water Tank Capacity: 40 oz
  • – Dimensions: 16 1/2″ High x 8 1/4″ Wide x 12 1/2″ Deep
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What Makes This Coffee Maker Special?

There are lots to rave about the Capresso Coffee Team Pro Glass, but here are a few of the top features: 

  1. Programmable: Top of the line coffee machines must have programmable abilities. Luckily, the Capresso Coffee Team Pro Glass doesn’t disappoint. Have your perfect amount of coffee ready for you and your family in the morning when you wake up with 24-hour programmable capabilities. 
  2. Built-in Burr Grinder: It wouldn’t be the best of the best without having a built-in burr grinder to produce freshly ground coffee each time to ensure maximum flavor and quality in each cup. 
  3. 3 Grind Settings: Depending on your personal preference, you can decide between fine, medium, and coarse ground options. Always good to have a variety with any machine you have! 
  4. Automatic Grinding Clean: No one likes to clean up, especially in the mornings. Luckily, the Capresso Coffee Team Pro Plus includes automatic grinding clean up after each use, so you don’t have to worry! 
  5. Cup Selector: Another fun feature is the automatic coffee ground selector based on the number of cups being made. This is a simple addition that makes prep time quicker and easier for anyone using it. 
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Why Should I Buy The Capresso Coffee TEAM PRO Plus? 

The Capresso Coffee Team Pro Plus is a well-versed machine all around. It has features that we have never heard of before such as an oily coffee setting that increases the grinding time for oily beans since they tend to move slower in the grinder! It also has a great technical makeup with features like a stainless steel path to ensure there aren’t any clogs.

Our Verdict

We love this coffee machine for loads of reasons, from its programmable options to grinder versatility, there is no stopping the ways to fall in love with the drip coffee machine. Invest a tag extra in the well-versed drip coffee style and go grab your Capresso Coffee Team Pro Plus today! We promise you won’t be disappointed.



  • – Programable
  • – Built-in Burr Grinder
  • – Automatic Cleaning


  • – More expensive than standard drip coffee machines