Pour Over vs Drip Coffee: Everything You Need to Know

By Robert Parsons June 4, 2021

If you have been around people that drink coffee at all, you have probably heard of pour-over coffee and drip coffee. Pour over and drip coffee are loved by many coffee enthusiasts, but what’s the difference between the two? 

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this question. Many people have wondered why some people are such die-hard fans of one over the other and unsure which direction they should lean towards. We have you covered. We are going to give you the highlights of each, including pros and cons, and some of our favorite drinks that each offer.

Drip Coffee

Drip coffee is the more traditional coffee that most people will be familiar with. The coffee pot that comes to mind when you think of home coffee brewing? That old coffee pot that your grandmother refuses to upgrade? Yep, that’s a drip coffee maker. That old coffee pot just might be as old as drip coffee brewing itself. Automatic drip brewers started in the 1950’s and hit the ground running ever since. Now this is not the only type of drip coffee maker. There are many styles of drip coffee. Definitely some fancier and more high tech options than the one at your grandmothers, but before we get into that, let’s talk about what drip coffee is. 

Pour Over Coffee

While pour-over coffee has been around for quite some time, much longer than drip coffee actually,  it has made a reappearance as the newest trend in later years. Pour over is a lot more hands-on than drip coffee. Unlike automatic drip coffee makers, you are in control of mastering how you pour. All you need a paper filter, coffee grounds, and a pot of hot water. Maybe sprinkle in some skill when it comes to pouring. This has also become a large appeal to people who love making coffee and making an experience. It can bring coffee making into a different category than a beverage, but an activity that each coffee drinker can be proud of their own barista skills. 

Pros and Cons

Both options have their unique benefits, but to keep it simple, we’re going to give you a quick list of each that makes them the better option. 

Drip Coffee

  • – Automatic drip coffee making allows for a stress free coffee with little to no effort.
  • – Drip coffee makers range in price and features, but they are easily affordable and practice for most people. They also can be fancy and more expensive features in someone’s home. 
  • – Drip coffee is a familiar taste that most coffee drinkers are familiar with and find comforting. 
  • – Drip coffee is much better at cold coffee. For example, ice coffee as we know comes from drip coffee, so if you’re looking for your signature iced caramel coffee, drip coffee is your best friend. 
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Pour Over Coffee

  • – Pour-over coffee brings coffee making to a new level with the experience of coffee making. 
  • – Pour-over coffee lets you be in control of how your coffee tastes rather than the same flavor each cup with an automatic drip coffee maker. 
  • – The slower process of brewing with pour-over coffee allows for a more flavorful cup of coffee especially for those who love strong coffee. 
  • – Pour-over coffee can be made without any equipment. With a funnel, cup, hot water, and a filter, you can make it taste just as good as any pro. Also camping enthusiasts might want to take this practice up if your coffee addiction starts calling when electricity is nowhere to be found. 
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Which is Best?

This is a question we at Le French Press can’t answer for you. We can tell you that each one has their own place. If you are going to be brewing coffee your own and in a rush? Drip Coffee. Are you wanting to experience a new activity for a night with friends? Pour over, definitely. There are obviously many more scenarios where each lead over the other, but both are great options to give a try. 

Drink Options

So are you ready to try them yet? If you haven’t tried them at all, it is important to give both a fair shot without adding too much into the mix. However, we have some fun new ways of bringing life to both options. 

Mocha Drip Coffee

Ready to switch it up? Add a chunk of your favorite chocolate to the cup before you pour your coffee and watch how much the coffee flavor transforms. If you really want to tie it up with a bow, add some chocolate drizzle on top. You’ll thank us later. 

Caramel Oat Milk Pour Over 

Another fun option to give a shot with your pour over it to switch up your milk to oat milk. Oat milk is known to have a sweeter flavor and can transform your pour-over coffee. Since pour-over coffee is stronger than drip coffee, this might help those that don’t love black coffee too much. Top it off with some caramel syrup and the best cafe has nothing on you.