Mueller French Press

By Robert Parsons October 2, 2020
Looks / Appearance 5.0 / 5.0
Functionality 4.5 / 5.0
Ease of use 4.0 / 5.0


  • – 4-Level Filtration Technology
  • – Quality, Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass
  • – Easy to clean


  • – Not safe to use in dishwasher

French pressed coffee. It’s loved by millions around the world for many reasons. From its full,  rich flavors to subtle nuances you won’t enjoy in other brews, it’s not hard to understand why this type of coffee is a crowd favorite. 

The Mueller French Press is the coffee maker that allows you to create this type of coffee magic at home, rather than having to go out and overspend to enjoy a cup. Any time the mood strikes, you’ll have a high-quality tool right in your kitchen that’ll satisfy and impress you and your loved ones time after time.


Who is The Mueller French Press for?

Maybe you’re a mother who works as a boutique shop owner and you serve on your kid’s PTA board on the side. Perhaps you’re a single bachelor that has pizza game nights on Fridays and coffee every day of the week. You could be a college professor, student, grandparent, tradesman, retail worker, and so on.

The point is, whoever you are and whatever you do, you deserve to enjoy delicious coffee anytime you want it. There are types of coffee brews that require equipment that can be so costly that some people take out loans to acquire them. 

Fortunately, with the Mueller French Press, you’re able to produce delicious mug-fulls of quality french-pressed coffee without spending an arm and leg.



Material: Durable Stainless Steel and Heat-Resistant Borosilicate Glass

Weight: This french press weighs a lightweight 1.7 pounds

Dimensions: 9.8 x 7 x 5.9 inches

Capacity: 34oz / 1 L


What Makes this French Press Special?

Using a Mueller French Press coffee maker in your day to day coffee routines will ensure you’re enjoying high-quality coffee every time. 

The grade 4-level filtration technology featured in this press uses double stainless steel screen filters on a stable plunger that’s supported by an edge-sealing base plate, followed by a top lid strainer all to support you in producing delicious coffee without having to worry about pesky coffee grounds being left in your cup.

Plus, with the Borosilicate glass featured in this coffee press, you are equipped with a material that is pure and healthy to be in contact with your drinks and you won’t have to worry about metallic tastes.


Why Should I Buy this French Press?

Mueller French Press coffee makers are constructed with materials that are certified lab tested and pass all food and drink grade quality requirements. 

So, you can rest assured you’re making quality mug-fulls that are completely safe as well. The glass that will hold your delectable coffee is conveniently heat-resistant, which means it’s safe to touch even after just making your morning brew.

With this french press, making a 34-ounce batch of brilliant, flavorful coffee for yourself and loved ones is simple. Or if the general mood is for some yummy tea, this press can achieve that as well. 

After you’ve poured everyone their satisfying cupfulls and you’re ready to clean up, you’ll definitely enjoy a hassle-free process thanks to the removable beaker.

Our Verdict

All in all, the Cafe Du Chateau french press produces delectable coffee and tea beverages while providing a unique, peaceful and hassle-free brewing experience. It’s the lightweight kitchen device that provides you the quality and technical aspects you need for home coffee-making while also making a great-looking addition to any countertop. 


We hope this review has given you the knowledge to make a well-informed decision for your perfect french press coffee maker. That said, have fun and enjoy your future deliciously french-pressed mornings!



  • – 4-Level Filtration Technology
  • – Quality, Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass
  • – Easy to clean


  • – Not safe to use in dishwasher