French Roast SR540 Coffee Roaster

By Robert Parsons April 26, 2021
Looks / Appearance 5.0 / 5.0
Functionality 5.0 / 5.0
Ease of use 5.0 / 5.0


  • – 9 heat and fan levels
  • – 1-year warranty
  • – Real-time temperature display
  • – Automatic, easy to use design


  • –  More expensive than other models

Coffee Roasters come in many shapes and sizes, but we are in love with the French Roast SR540. It is the only product we have found with all the options it brings. 

French Roast specializes in rich coffee and roaster that bring the best flavor in the market. With each new model, they have been improving their products with new features allowing for a world of possibilities.

What possibilities are we talking about? Keep reading this French Roast Coffee Roaster review to find out!

Who is the French Roast Coffee Roaster for? 

If you are looking for a roaster for the first time or simply looking for a convenient option for an occasional coffee roast, this is the product for you. Coffee roasting can be confusing and overwhelming, but the French Roast Coffee Roaster makes the introduction and easy transition for even the base-level beginner. 

The surplus of options and features designed within it make this roaster suitable for a wide range of people. You can keep it simple and learn about roasting while keeping it to a basic switch or you can be a roasting professional and get crazy with the options the French Roast SR540 brings. 

This is also a night and day comparison to manual coffee roasters taking the roasting process to a whole new level and making the investment well worth it. 


  • – Color: Black
  • – Capacity: Roast 4 oz
  • – Electric: 120V
  • – Warranty: 1- year hassle-free 
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What Makes This Coffee Roaster Special?

  • The French Roast Coffee Roaster has countless unique qualities but here are a few:
  • – Real-Time Temperature: Unlike other roasters, this product is touch and go. Just a few minutes later, you’ll have ready to grind roasted coffee beans.
  • – Heat and Fan Features: The best feature of this new french roast model is the 9 heat and fan options. Most models only offer low, medium, and high option.  
  • – Electric Power: Being automatic and well-designed allows for less trouble handling the machine and less worry of burning yourself or pouring in effort unnecessarily. 
  • – Rich Roast Quality: The fluid motion of this roaster allows for the maximum quality of each use. 
  • – Loads of Options: Due to features like multiple heat and fan settings, and a run and cool button, we have found that there is no end to the options of flavor with the French Roaster. 
  • – Short Roasting Time: The French Roast SR540 brews in a quick 5-10 minutes keeping your coffee addiction from taking over your morning routine! 

These features give so much freedom in roasting your favorite coffee beans. 

Why Should I Buy the French Roast Coffee Roaster? 

If you are looking for the best of the best and willing to put in the extra dollar to get it, this product is a great deal for what you pay for. Manual operating options might get the job done, but there is a lot more time and effort involved in the process. 

The French Roast Coffee Roaster takes all of that out of the picture, allowing for a quick, rich roast that you can switch on and go on with the rest of your daily routine without worrying.

Our Verdict

We give the French Roast Coffee Roaster a 5 out of 5 all the way around. It is easy to use, high quality, and quick which are our biggest criteria when it comes to a coffee roaster. The extra features such as the large display and showing how long it has been roasting make our life easier. We are sure it will make yours also. 


So quick, hop on over to the website and grab your French Roast Coffee Machine today!



  • – 9 heat and fan levels
  • – 1-year warranty
  • – Real-time temperature display
  • – Automatic, easy to use design


  • –  More expensive than other models