Eating Coffee Beans: All You Need to Know

By Robert Parsons May 28, 2021

Looking for a way to kick your coffee addiction to the next level? Try eating coffee beans.

At first, this may sound very bizarre; however, coffee beans are delicious to eat as a snack. Maybe you have heard of a friend eating roasted coffee beans as a quick treat and finding it a little over the top. We are here to tell you it is more normal than you think, and you shouldn’t discard the idea until you’ve tried it yourself!

Want to give it a try? Here, we have compiled everything you need to know about eating coffee beans.

What Exactly Are Coffee Beans?

You may not know this, but coffee beans aren’t actually beans. They are seeds. These seeds lie inside the coffee fruit. During coffee processing, the fruit part or surrounding mucilage that wrap the seeds is stripped away. The green seed found inside is then dried. They are roasted on a scale of light to dark, giving us the coffee beans we know and love. After they are roasted, they are packaged for us to enjoy.

How Do Coffee Beans Taste?

We don’t ever recommend eating coffee beans unroasted. It’s completely safe, however, they will be hard to bite and chew. If this is your first time trying coffee beans, you may be disappointed if you eat them in their natural state. 

Unroasted beans taste natural, are very earthy and are more acidic than roasted coffee beans. When you roast them you are inviting in a nutty, caramel, and smoky flavor. Is your mouth watering yet?

The flavor you will receive also depends on the roast of the beans themselves. The level of roast is decided by how much flavor has been highlighted in the coffee. It ranges from light to dark, and typically medium to darker roasts are more enjoyable since they’re richer with oils offering a more robust flavor.

Preparing Coffee Beans at Home

Interested in trying your hand at some coffee bean recipes? Here are two popular ways to turn them into a healthy, flavorful snack.

Basic Coffee Beans

We suggest you first enjoy them as they are (roasted, of course)! Some coffee junkies find this to be the most enjoyable way to eat them, and maybe you will too. All you need is your favorite roast and your appetite. When you’ve figured out the roast you want to indulge in, you’re ready to snack on some coffee beans.

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

If your mouth wasn’t watering before, it most likely is now. Immersing them in chocolate is great for anyone with a sweet tooth as it combines two very addictive treats: chocolate and coffee.

To prepare these, you will need the following:

  • – Your favorite batch of coffee beans (we love going with whole roasted medium or dark beans for that extra bold flavor)
  • – Your favorite chocolate (milk, dark, white, etc..) 
  • – Microwave
  • – Baking tray with parchment paper
  • – Refrigerator or freezer

Break up your bar of chocolate and melt it in the microwave. This shouldn’t take too long (about 30 seconds). Once melted, remove it from the heat and let it cool slightly. Begin dipping the coffee beans into the mixture. Once covered, place them on the parchment paper. 

After all the beans have been dipped and placed on the tray, store in the refrigerator for two hours to solidify. If you can’t wait that long, store it in the freezer for one hour. After they’ve cooled, take them off the tray and begin snacking! We guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 

Can You Eat Coffee Grounds?

Yes, you absolutely can. Just like whole coffee beans, make sure you consume them in moderation. Eating too much will lead to headaches, mood swings, or jitters. Coffee grounds are good options for those who have sensitive teeth or who don’t enjoy crunching on whole beans.

We personally prefer the crunch whole beans offer and encourage you to start here before venturing off to coffee grounds.

Are Coffee Beans Healthy?

Coffee grounds are abundant in antioxidants. They can help prevent cancer, cognitive impairment, cardiovascular disease and offer other health benefits. While they are safe to eat, they should not be consumed in excess.

They are packed with caffeine and antioxidants which lead to energy boosts and can lower your risk of some diseases. When too much is taken you may experience jitteriness and fatigue – just like you would when you drink too many cups of joe. And, if you decide to indulge in the chocolate covered beans, remember that you’re tacking on extra calories, fat, and sugar.


So, can you eat coffee beans? 

Absolutely! The idea of having coffee beans as a snack has been around for quite some time. If this is news to you, we encourage you to give them a try, whether they’re plain or smothered in chocolate. It’s a nice treat to have every so often when you need a break from your regular cup of joe. 

Happy caffeinating!