Compak K3 Touch Advanced Coffee Grinder

By Robert Parsons August 25, 2021
Looks / Appearance 5.0 / 5.0
Functionality 5.0 / 5.0
Ease of use 4.0 / 5.0


  • – Available in Black or Polished Aluminum
  • – 58mm flat tempered steel burrs
  • – Easy-to-clean dispensing chute


  • – Small capacity

Coffee. It’s the dark, flavorful, energy-boosting beverage enjoyed by millions around the world. Regardless of what kind of coffee drinker you are, the fact remains that freshly ground coffee beans produce a much better result than pre-ground versions.

The Compak K3 Touch is definitely a grinder that can achieve evenly ground results for ideal brewing. Our team had the wonderful opportunity to put it to the test and after experimenting with it, we’re excited to share with you our discoveries. So if you’re ready, read on below!

Who is the Compak K3 Touch Coffee Grinder for?

The Compak K3 is a great coffee grinder for home use. This makes it perfect for almost anyone whether you’re a student, trade worker, or chief executive. The K3 makes the ideal brew possible right in the comfort of your home. Keep reading to learn how the Compak K3 Touch Coffee Grinder delivers quality, authentic brews.


  • – Size: 16.5” High x 6.5” Wide x 12” Deep
  • – Weight: 17 pounds
  • – Color: Polished Aluminum or Black
  • – Hopper Capacity: 10 ounces
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What Makes this Coffee Grinder Special?

While there are many coffee grinders out there, not all of them are made to the same standards or produce great quality results. Below, we’ve listed some of the aspects that make the Compak K3 Touch Advanced Coffee Grinder a premium machine that supplies the grind you’re looking for:


The Compak K3 is built to a standard that produces magic in the form of sultry, ground coffee. The perfect, evenly-sized granules that those who have this machine end up with wouldn’t be possible without the iconic 58mm flat tempered steel burrs that work diligently within. 

To power these burrs, engineers of this appliance inserted a powerful, 175-watt motor and included overload protection to have your back in case anything occurs.


You’d think, with 110 volts powering a 175-watt motor to propel steel burrs that the K3 is working very hard to grind your precious beans. Well, it is. However, thanks to insightful engineering, the makers of this machine made sure that it runs at 1640 rpm lower and cooler than the competition. This means the integrity of the beans will be kept safe from heat exposure so you don’t have to be afraid of off-tasting, weird-smelling coffee. Win-win!


The coffee appliance has the ability to grind several beans at a time. However, with its easy-to-clean dispensing chute, you won’t have to worry about difficulties post-grind. Maintaining your machine will be simple and hassle-free. 

Additionally, the Compak K3 comes with a low-profile hopper that holds 10 ounces of beans and allows it to fit in any kitchen, so that you get to enjoy capacity and convenience at the same time.

Why Should I Buy this Coffee Grinder?

As if the benefits we discussed above weren’t enough to get excited about the Compak K3 Touch Advanced Coffee Grinder, it also offers a stepless micrometric grind adjustment. The beautiful aspect of this feature is that it’s what ultimately allows you to control the size of the granules you produce, which is important when selecting the type of coffee you desire. 

Whether it’s espresso or french-press, you’ll be able to create it easily with this machine thanks to this grind adjusting feature.

Our Verdict

The Compak K3 Touch Coffee Grinder is a marvel in its own right. With its array of features and insightful construction, we were more than excited to experiment with it in our professional kitchen. It proved to be an exciting product, in which we have all the confidence. We encourage you to explore it for your own kitchen and see for yourself, today!



  • – Available in Black or Polished Aluminum
  • – 58mm flat tempered steel burrs
  • – Easy-to-clean dispensing chute


  • – Small capacity