Can You Froth Almond Milk? 5 Simple Methods

By Admin October 27, 2021

If you are lactose intolerant or simply choose to cut dairy out of your diet, then chances are you are quite familiar with almond milk as your substitute drink. While frequent almond milk drinkers swear by the taste and that it is better than dairy, there is one thing that might not be possible when it comes to almond milk as a substitute: frothing. 

This is a crucial component of loads of our favorite coffee beverages, so it’s a valid question to worry about. So can you create a froth with almond milk? The answer is yes! It is possible and quite tasty. We are going to show you how to froth almond milk in a few different ways, so your dairy-free diet doesn’t have to go without! 

5 Simple Methods

It is important to note that frothing almond milk is a bit more difficult than frothing dairy products, but it is far from impossible. Have some patience for the learning curve, and you will be enjoying velvety goodness just like the rest of them. 

1. Mason Jar

If you don’t have many supplies in your home to froth with, try a mason jar! Pour a decent amount of almond milk in, leaving enough space to shake it up well, and go to town. Shake the milk until you reach your desired level of froth! Pour it over your espresso shot or other drink of choice, and voila! A simple and efficient backup. 

2. Mixer

If you’re not a fan of tiring out your arms shaking like crazy, you can always try out a mixer. Grab your smallest mixer attachment and pour your almond milk into the bowl. Make sure the bowl is microwave safe, as we are going to go back and forth between the mixer and microwave. 

Heat up the almond milk for about a minute to warm it up. Now get to mixing. Turn it on the highest setting, but be careful not to get your milk everywhere! Slowly increase the speed to help prevent this at the start. Continue mixing until you reach your desired froth. 

3. Whisk

Another option if you don’t have an electric mixer is to whisk the almond milk yourself. A bit tiring, but efficient. Copy the steps in number two as far as heating up your milk and pouring it into a bowl, and get to whisking. 

This is going to take a bit longer than a mixer, as you aren’t near as fast and efficient, so give yourself some time to get to your desired froth. However, be sure to whisk as fast as you can to get the best froth. Put some elbow grease into it! 

4. Blender

Another great choice is using a blender. This will give the froth a bit different consistency since there isn’t as much air introduced as other options. Warm up the milk in the microwave like option 2 or 3, pour the milk into the blender, and blend the medium speed. High will be a tad too much for the optimal amount of froth. 

5. Frother

Last but not least, the most obvious option. You can froth almond milk with a normal frother, whether that be a frothing attachment to your espresso maker or a handheld frother. Like any alternative, it is going to look a tad different than the standard, in this case, cow’s milk. 

It does work, though, so don’t be afraid to pull out the espresso machine and switch to almond milk. If you are using a handheld frother, we recommend heating up the milk beforehand just like the other options to get the warm froth that hits the spot. 


Whichever option you choose, take into account that these are nonconventional methods, other than the frother. It is going to be much less perfect than a typical cafe visit. While there are different forms of frothing: microfoam, steamed, etc., it might not be as black or white as it would be with a typical frothing machine and dairy. However, knowing how to froth almond milk at all is a great change of pace to give dairy-free coffee lovers something to add to their list of drink options. Go take a stab at it and see if you like this alternative!