Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

By Robert Parsons April 26, 2021
Looks / Appearance 5.0 / 5.0
Functionality 4.0 / 5.0
Ease of use 5.0 / 5.0


  • – Affordably priced 
  • – Easy to use
  • – Dishwasher safe 
  • – No paper filters required


  • – Mesh filter allows some sediment into coffee pot

When we received the Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker, the style instantly reminded us of the Chemex. It has an hourglass figure – not as defined as the Chemex – but elegant, nonetheless. 

However, we are not here to talk about the Chemex, but to see how the Bodum Pour Over 34 oz Coffee Maker stands out from the competition. Right off the bat, it got a 5-star on price. It’s amazingly affordable, but how does it add up in terms of functionality and taste quality? 

Keep reading for all the details on features, benefits, and whether we recommend this pour-over brewer. 

Who is the Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker For? 

The Bodum is a great entry-level pour-over. If you’re someone keen on exploring the world of pour-over coffee without breaking the bank, the Bodum is for you. Since this is a pour-over for beginners, it doesn’t require all the extra technical accessories that other pour overs need. 

Moreover, this model is great for people who want to give pour over a try and discover whether they like the flavor and process of manual brewing. Not only is it easy to use, but aesthetically pleasing. It has a cork band hugging the waist, tied with a leather strap. 

If you’re not a fan of the cork look, you can get it with a silicone band in either black or white. Or, if you need something portable, Bodum also sells a shatterproof model. However, we can only speak for the 34 oz pour-over brewer made from stunning borosilicate glass.  


  • – Size: 7.38” x 9” x 10.75” 
  • – Weight: 1 pound 
  • – Material: Glass & cork 
  • – Color: Clear 
  • – Capacity: 34 oz 
  • ‏‏‎ ‎

What Makes This Pour Over Coffee Maker Special? 

Here are the main elements that stuck out to us when reviewing this pour-over machine: 


While this pour-over can do single-serve brewing, it’s aimed at providing a whole pot full of coffee. It’s available in 3 sizes, but the one reviewed by our team is the 34 oz. We found this a nice capacity for multi-servings. Whether for that guest that showed up unexpectedly or your workmates at the office. 


One of our favorite parts of the Bodum is the price. We still can’t figure out why it’s sold so cheaply considering the quality of the materials that you’re getting (but we’re not complaining!). In addition to the borosilicate glass it’s made from, it has a permanent mesh filter designed within it. This means you can wave goodbye to messy paper filters. 

Easy to Use

The stainless steel filter of the Bodum is flat bottomed making it easier to use than cone drippers. We were able to make an enjoyable pot of brew – though we did notice the flavor lacked taste when compared to other models. 

Elegant Look

Let’s be real – we all love the graceful look of the Bodum. The cork band really gives it a natural look. It’s a pour-over that fits nicely in whatever setting it comes across. We will say that while it’s stylish, it’s not portable. The borosilicate class can easily break, therefore, if you’re looking for a portable option consider the shatterproof model. 

Why Should I Buy the Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker?

The Bodum Pour Over 34 oz Coffee Maker is functional, easy to use, and affordable. While the flavor lacks the depth more technical pour-overs offer, we still found that it makes delectable coffee. Better yet? You’ll have no need to buy paper filters again with this model.

Our Verdict

If you’re new to the world of pour-over and love experimenting with different brewing styles, we recommend the Bodum Pour-Over Coffee Brewer. Now, if you’re an experienced coffee enthusiast and are wanting to develop your skills, check out the Chemex as this may better fit what you’re looking for.


Get your hands on the Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker and order it today!



  • – Affordably priced 
  • – Easy to use
  • – Dishwasher safe 
  • – No paper filters required


  • – Mesh filter allows some sediment into the coffee pot